Meaningful Difference 

Inspiration of nature is most beautiful
Which is most inspiring as it is forever true.
It is true to this earth and keeps everything alive
Which is most inspiring thing about nature
As it truly inspires this world with greenery and colourful environment
Since, it creates a meaningful difference to this planet.



Everything matters and that is all I know
As meaning is always present
Nothing is meaningless in this world
It just cannot be, since everything has a soul
Which is the way I sense anything
As all that matters is expression.
Everything has a way of being
Which is all that is
In everything which can be
So, that is way of being in emotions to be.

Cycle of Life

Emotions differ in life
Sometimes it is sadness
Sometimes it is joy.
All depends on life, which is way of life
As everything is the way it is
Which is a good thing since at least process is going on
Nothing can be expressed
As life is cycle of emotions, where emotions are all that is.

Things Matter

Every emotion is of value in life
As emotions are to be treasured
Which gives feeling in this life of hope
As everything matters in a way
Through emotions, which are plenty
To be treasured are emotions
As they add sense of value to this living process
Nothing means more and nothing means less
As value adds to this emotional cycle
Which is value of life in every sense
So everything matters in a way.

Emotional Path 

Emotional is my journey
I maybe alone, still I am not alone.
When the soul is at peace then everything is achieved
Which is one way of this journey.
An emotional being survives in this universe
Which is really the way of being in this emotional path.


Things are based on hope
As being alive always matters.
Sometimes, heart feels depressed
Still, hope is always around.
Key is on being hopeful
With everything as inspiration to be
Which is also purpose of life
As the heart survives everything through smiling.


I am happy to be still alive
As life is very kind to me.
To be hopeful, I have learned
I love being the person I am
Which is a great thing about life
As I forever try to be a wonderful soul
Which gives me the strength to be
By being hopeful and still alive.

Living This Life

Knowing this life is an effort to be done
Where one can only try
Nothing more and nothing less
It is an effort to be done
By learning to be anything positive
As the goal is simple
Simple in a way, so that things are learned
By being wishful in spiritual way, which is the reason behind living
Living, this life.

Being Sincere

Letting life be meaningful
Which is reason of being hopeful
With good thoughts as everything is key
Key of being a good person.
My heart says to me that I am good person
Which is my biggest achievement so far
Since, being sincere towards existence is all that one can do
By being meaningful in life.