Sorrow is always one thing,which steals lot of joy from this precious life. So much is felt and it causes lot of pain in this process. Nothing can steal my strength, of being creative as I will remain with thoughts in this complex world.
This world is complex because that is the very nature of it and that is the way it will forever remain. To always hope and dream should continue.

Lesson of Living

Things teach something and that is really the only reason. This process of living is a learning process and things which make one be anything, do seem to matter.
Yes, things which provide hope can make one learn a lot. Everything is part of human soul as it does go on to provide inspiration by teaching many things.
We can learn and be something better always by being truthful to very nature of living as life is supposed to make one learn, even if it means failing again and again.

I Am

I am here to try
I am here to learn
By smiling and by being wishful.
To smile is needed
To wish for bright things is required
As it gives life a chance to be
By being a person which tries
I am here to learn and try my best.


Things can mean anything to anybody
That thing means that emotions are present
Nothing can be if emotions are not true
As carrying emotions through the heart requires an effort
Which gives value to heart by being everything of cause
As the cause can be any since nothing is waste
Everything is valuable to life.


Things of life form meaning
Which is meaning of life
Which gives a sense of belonging.
Good things are thoughtful
As such things should never fade away
Value they should hold in life
Where value remains of only nice things.


Knowing myself is important
As long as emotions last
It is called being the only way.
Only way, which is the way
By knowing the self
Self, is important thing always
Which makes one be, all that is hoped for
Everything is important, as long as kindness is in this world.


Things which display life
Things which form life
All these things are way of life.
These things include functioning of sentiments
As they are always constant in their ways
Which is way of being in everything
In everything which is.


Way of being is always on
It depends on the way things are
Sometimes, things turn to be hopeful
Sometimes, things are hopeless
Which is way of everything to be
With ways of things as they are not always same.
Hopeful and hopeless, is the way things turn out to be
As emotions decide a lot, which display itself.

Only True

Emotions are plenty and they hold importance
As one should always be caring
Kindness is one form, which is of value
Which never changes the way things are
Since, importance is forever of things which matter
Is also kindness, which matters forever
Is the true way of emotions to remain, only true.