Mixed Emotions 

Amount of sadness
Amount of joy
Nobody knows anything.
Thing which is known is that everything goes
Goes on with sadness and joy
Which is the way of anything
Anything, which comes and goes
In this world all is just another story
So just keep on living with mixed emotions
That is all, to be done.


Letting the heart flow
As emotions are so peaceful.
Silence in my emotions, makes me be peaceful
I am always this way in my sentiments
Which, is just the way
Way of letting the dreams be realized
As flow of emotions is constant, even though sadness does lingers
With the flow I do flow, still.

Part of Soul

Thoughts are in dreams
As dreams weave thoughts
Which creates everything in a meaningful form
As thoughts are always part of everything
Which requires dreams to be part of everything
Since, that is formed through dreams.
Weaving everything in soulful manner is the key
Which is my belief as it is about living on
With only dreams as everything is part of soul.


My heart holds so much
Sometimes I sense love
Sometimes I sense pain
As the moments in life keep changing.
Yes, love can be sensual
It can be beautiful
Also, can hold lot of sorrow
As love is only thing, which matters
It carries so many emotions, which means a whole lot
As my heart holds plenty love and sorrow too.

Glimpse of It

Heart wants nothing much
Wants nothing less
All it wants is you.
Nobody can steal you away
Away, from me
As I describe it as love
Which cannot be stolen if it is true
Although, love which is true is so rare.
Even, I have failed in loving truly
As my heart sometimes is really stupid
Still, I do sense love in many ways
As, just a glimpse of it is enough for me.


I can sense love
As love is beautiful
Whatever, may be its form.
Love is beautiful and sensual
Sensing it in anyway is all I desire
Touch of it is never forgettable
As emotions continue to sense you
I know you are mine, forever.

Just Green Leaves

Just green leaves are present
As they hold a green touch
Which touches the heart
Even, when my heart is covered with darkness
This green touch of nature is so familiar
With the wind, which is blowing at the moment
This greenery is striking to heart
With feelings of fresh nature since it is an healing force
Of nature, which is soothing.


I feel nothing
All is just an illusion, in this very world.
This world is the way it is
Nothing means anything as nobody cares.
To belong in some place is my only dream
Where is such world?
It does not exist as nothing is here
I feel nothing anymore.