This UniverseĀ 

Morning, gives way to new day
As everyday is reason to be.
Alive, as hope is here to be
Through, thoughts of this universe
Which gives way to prayers
In ways which are thoughtful
Which is way of this universe to be
Through only sentiments.



Emotions of mine remain kind
As my heart is always hopeful
Which gives me emotional feeling.
Everything seems to be part of life
As life is part of emotions
Which gives many reasons to be kind
Since, kindness makes this world a good place.


Every emotion is valuable, when it is treasured
Which makes everything of meaning
As all is well when emotions are thoughtful
So, to be caring enough matters
Which is one way of things to remain
As valuable things, forever remain.

Creative Nature

Nature is inspirational
So is silence
Which is way of everything in this natural cycle.
This life continues in a creative way, which is my biggest inspiration
As this cycle of peace remains in many ways
Everything gets defined through soulful nature
Which is way of things to be.


Living is essential part
Which gives way to things
As it is only way of being
In this world, where everything continues
Which is way to be alive.
As long as our emotions understand self, everything is achieved
Which gives life an essential meaning to be
Throughout, this hopeful process
Where, living is the only option.


Nothing defines anything
As all of it is simply a process.
This process is solved
Also, it does not complicate anything
Since, all of it is a process of simplicity
Where one needs to be original, by not pretending
Is the way everything defines itself.

Colours and Emotions

Colours are emotions
Which do matter.
Every colour has emotions
So, use of every colour makes difference
Which signifies that colours do hold a value
Which is difference of opinion since it reflects many things
As colours have the strength to impress and depress
Which is the way everything is
So, being emotional is of value
As long as colours display properly.

Being Alive

Hope of being alive remains
Remains as everything continues
Through, wishful thinking
Which involves, process of good thinking.
That is only way of being in this constant process
As everything is part of being
Through, constant care which is part of being alive
Which makes one gain confidence.


Thoughts are everything which one holds
As value of thoughts is immense
So thoughts gain importance
Which is one reason of them being precious.
Everything is of meaning and holds importance
Which is the reason of things being important.
Nothing can be precious if we do not value it
As value of things gains importance, only when everything is ever valued
Otherwise, nothing else would ever really matter
Which is reason of things being important.

Thoughts of Hope

Just thoughts of hope
Which are alone and joyful
In every thought, which gives reason to be
In thoughts with nature
Which gives reason to be a thoughtful soul
Which is one reason to be a human
With many emotions of life, which gives chance to be
Which means a human is alive.
Living in this world
With thoughts of only being
Present, with only some hope.